Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe

The Quantum Frontier:
The Large Hadron Collider

is a new book that explains what the LHC is and why it’s interesting.



The Large Hadron Collider is a new “atom smasher” designed to recreate the conditions of the universe just scant fractions of a second after the Big Bang.

In his new book, The Quantum Frontier, author Don Lincoln explains the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the physics it is intended to explore.  The book is broken into five chapters

1. The Standard Model of particle physics, which details our current understanding of the universe

2. Some of the mysteries the LHC was built to study

3. How accelerators work and some of the trivia of the LHC (how big, how fast, how many, etc.)

4. How particle detectors work and some of the details of the many detectors at the LHC (CMS, ATLAS, Alice, LHCb, to name a few.)

5. The future of particle physics, LHC upgrades, follow-on accelerators and how the LHC links with cosmology mysteries.

When you’ve read this book, you’ll understand the excitement engendered by the turn-on of this fascinating scientific marvel.

Stand back.  I'm about to do SCIENCE.